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Picking a Mover

Picking a Mover


Be sure you examine that the mover is certified with the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) when you are moving within the state of Nevada. Never ever move with a mover whose license is non-existent, expired, and or suspended.


Make every effort to schedule your move well in advance of moving day. If you have more than a few pieces of furniture to move, it is advisable to call two or more movers for written quotes for moving within Nevada. Yes, it is necessary to evaluate rates/prices, however you might wish to examine the company through their representative to be sure they are qualified to move your individual possessions. The moving company may want to see your belongings to be sure they send out the right sized trucks and personnel to manage your relocation.

Discover potential movers in your area:

Discover prospective movers in your area by getting in touch with the NVMSA within Nevada, personal recommendations, realtors, and the yellow pages. Be particularly careful in selecting movers over the internet. You must make sure that you have a local address for the mover so that you understand that they are who they state they are and that they are a real company in your neighborhood.

Carrier/Mover Liability:

Make sure the mover describes their fundamental liability and relocation protection options, and make certain to ask questions about additional insurance.


Do not choose a mover on cost alone. Licensed moving companies are obligated to have the required insurance by law, to provide qualified workers, and clean and safe moving vans. It costs money to move. Very low-cost rates are a warning that the service will be less than adequate, and the provider will not have the mandated insurance coverage and/or qualified moving teams.

Keep in mind:

This company is sending out movers into your home to handle and move your household belongings. The lowest rate, especially if it is far below the typical cost of other moving companies, might be a red flag. Be careful! Do not move your treasured belongings as cheap as possible!


If you need storage or a short time prior to relocating to a brand-new residence, your NVMSA member mover can assist you. The Nevada Department of Transportation controls storage rates for short-term storage, less than 90 days, through a maximum rate price controls.

Long Term Storage (more than three months) is uncontrolled and rates can differ. The majority of storage facilities store individual household goods in wooden containers known as vaults. Common market practice is to charge by the vault or by cubic feet monthly.

Some self-storage companies provide storage and require you to load/unload your own storage vaults. This widely provided service sounds inexpensive. However, make sure to check the regular monthly storage rates with those of a traditional storage warehouse. Standard storage facilities rates are usually much more sensible. The belongings are stored in the same manner as self-storage vaults and you can access your personal belongings in the same manner as self-storage.

If you need information on trusted, safe, and fair priced storage facilities, call or write the Nevada Moving and Storage Association.

Not to Surpass Cost:

For relocations within Nevada, the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) policies require all movers to supply each consumer with a written “not to surpass rate” prior to the move begins. This price will be clearly revealed on your Contract For Service. The mover will have you sign this form before the move begins.

Crucial Details for individuals moving within Nevada:

This is a pamphlet mandated to be supplied at the first-person contact between the customer and the mover, unless the customer has actually gotten the booklet from another mover.

Assess Service Presentations:

Listen and assess the mover’s discussion of services and rate. Typically a specific presentation sticks out in clearness, and your questions and issues are professionally answered.

Go to the Moving Company:

Make sure the movers are an actual company. Look around to make sure these are the kind of individuals you wish to invite into your house to handle/move your personal possessions.


A NVMSA Member:

Select a mover with the NVMSA classification. You want a mover who abides to a code of ethics, runs clean and safe trucks, and makes use of experienced workers. They will provide the quality service at reasonable and competitive prices.

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